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About Us

Awka Times Magazine

Awka Times Magazine (ATM) is a progressive monthly publication launched on December 8, 2019 by AHS Media Ltd. The magazine is offered as a dedicated package of news, features, analysis and historical information developed for a specifically defined audience made up of the home-based and diasporan indigenes as well as alien residents of the Awka Capital Territory (ACT) in Anambra State Nigeria. We shall refer to this primary target group as “ACT Denizens”.

Our target audience also includes those – such as investors, representatives of NGOs, corporations, governments and other entities in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large – who have transactional interest in this area.

The ATM audience thus comprises anyone or any entity with native, residential or transactional link to the ACT subregion.

Awka Times has a local agenda and a global outlook, with a focus on issues concerning the ACT subregion as well as the Igbo heartland and Nigeria at large.

The magazine offers a full monthly package of news, features, analysis and historical information delivered in print and digital editions. The digital edition is available online and in mobile app – delivered in html, scrolling pdf and html5 flip-page formats.

We also provide daily update of news and other information through our digital platforms.

Awka Times seeks to promote active reader engagement through its interactive forum where we introduce topical issues relevant to our target audience. We provide a dynamic, interactive forum where ACT denizens can engage in a constant interplay and exchange of ideas. The forum is moderated by our editors but the audience itself drives the conversation. ATM aims to promote democratic engagement by offering its platform as a public square where civic issues are debated by an informed audience.

The magazine also serves, through its advertising platforms, as the dedicated medium where ACT denizens and other interested parties can exchange information about their products and services. Our pitch is that we develop news and content specifically packaged for ACT denizens wherever they are in the world. As such, we are a much more meaningful medium for advertisers than the national media that aren’t focused on this area. We provide news and content that are natively relevant to ACT denizens worldwide, and so advertisers who want to reach this unique audience worldwide can more effectively do so using our medium.

Awka Times is committed to the liberal ideology, which implies a commitment to the market-based economy and to political liberalism. We uphold the principle of social and economic justice for all, and as such we adhere to the radical political economy critique of public policy.

Awka Times is proud of its progressive and liberal politics, the depth of its analysis, and the quality of its writing. Its content is targeted at the leaders, investors, opinion formers, decisionmakers and members of the general public with civic interest.

Our mission is to analyze, inform and explain the critical issues happening in or affecting our subregion, from local and global perspectives.