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1. Digital Replicas You can access Awka Times on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. On any of these, you can read the content as basic text (HTML) displayed on your web browser; you can open a replica of the magazine edition in standard PDF format; or you can open it in flip-page format and leaf through the pages as you would a physical copy. You can read the PDF and flip-page replicas online or download them to read offline. Because our features are well-researched essays on topics relevant to our community, we have added bookmarking tools so you can resume right where you left off if your reading had been interrupted.

2. Mobile App You can install the Awka Times app and personalize it to your liking. The app allows you to download articles for offline reading, to choose your own article display option, and to set news alerts. Every feature on Awka Times website is also available through the app, including all the news and feature stories, editorial columns, the ATM forum, ATM polls, everything.

3. Alerts Through the Awka Times app, you can set up alerts to be notified when we post any updates on our website. Remember that even though we are a monthly magazine, we still cover daily news developments which we post on our website. You can set an alert for breaking news on any topic, or for every update that we post. You can select alerts for breaking news, or for any other content like polls, forum topics, videos, pictures, games etc. You can mute the alerts whenever you want to.

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5. Unlimited Access If you choose our unlimited digital subscription package (“Master Class”), you will have full access to the ATM Vault hosting archives of the magazine, our videos, photo galleries, audio clips, graphics, and interactive media. You simply cannot beat this offer. Subscribe today!

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