Awka Times Mission Statement

Awka Times Magazine provides editorial content relevant to the Awka Capital Territory (ACT) subregion of Anambra State of Nigeria. The package includes news, blogs, features and in-depth analysis of relevant topics.

We think of ourselves as the information source and signal processing centre for the ACT subregion.

We deliver our journalism and information services using traditional print circulation channels as well as online and mobile (e-commerce) channels.

We offer world-standard journalism as one of the few dedicated commercial media platforms focused on the ACT subregion.

Awka Times journalism is fearless and principled. We are an independent media organization beholden to no one. Our primary goal is to promote the development of the subregion, including the core Awka conurbation and the outlying satellite communities.

We believe that the ACT subregion is, at present, a part of Nigeria. As such, we urge all ACT denizens to contribute to the project of building Nigerian nationhood. However, we similarly urge them to be no more enthusiastic about the Nigerian project than other parts of the country, and that their primary focus and loyalty should be to the homeland.

We believe that the task of developing the subregion is that of the leadership and the followership alike. We will therefore focus on helping the leaders but will criticize them whenever necessary. We will also focus on empowering and animating the followership, awakening them to their rights and civic responsibilities.

Our goal is to inform, to educate, and to inspire; to engage our readers in a global conversation. We shall speak with uncommon conviction to leaders and followers alike.

In our journalism, we shall leave no stone unturned to uncover the truth; and we shall leave no turn unstoned in our social policy critique.

Our tagline is Trumpet With Certain Sound, a reference to the Biblical verse which says: “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” (I Corinthians 14:8, KJV).

Awka Time Magazine was founded to promote progress in the ACT subregion, and to combat all retrogressive forces impeding the development of the subregion. We shall deliver this mandate with integrity and dedication.