ATM Masthead

The Awka Times Magazine nameplate has a special meaning. A little bit of thought went into its design, and we would like to explain it to the reader.

First, the Chomsky font that we chose for the “Awka Times” inscription in the masthead is a nod to classical excellence and tradition in the publishing industry. In linking this to Awka, we hope to celebrate the antiquity and excellence of Awka ancestral culture.

But the word “Magazine” on the nameplate is inscribed with a modern typeface, Century Gothic, created in 1991. This is a digital-only typeface (not inscribed on a metal plate), pointing to the future of our magazine as a digital-only publication.

Next, notice the iconography of the blacksmith on the nameplate. This of course is a tribute to Awka ancestral occupation. But notice too the orange outline traced around the ancestral iconography which looks like a shield. Let’s explain the color, and then the shape.

In metaphysics, orange is the 5th element of the “Seven Rays”. It is associated with the “Magic of Alchemy” and the Philosopher’s Stone. The concept of “Intellect” is assigned to this color, and it is said to represent “Concrete Knowledge or Science” and the “Truth of God”. It is therefore the color of discovery, knowledge and rejuvenation. Drawn around the iconography of the blacksmith, this color evokes the wisdom, scientific bent, inventiveness and vitality of Awka ancestors. The magazine thus hopes to help restore Awka greatness.

The orange outline hinting at the shape of a shield suggests two things. First, it indicates a spirited defense of Awka tradition and history. But the line is not completely closed off. This suggests an openness to new thoughts and new cultural influences that will make Awka great again.

This masthead thus presents Awka Times as a magazine with a local agenda and a global outlook, as noted in our introductory statement.

Welcome to Awka Times!